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    Somma Marine Surveying

                      Welcome to Somma Marine Surveying                          


               Serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut


    Tony Somma, the principal surveyor of Somma Marine Surveying, is a graduate of the renowned Chapman School of Seamanship, Marine Surveyor Program. Tony was instructed by Charles V. Corder Jr., a recognized leader in the field of marine surveying.


    Tony is a member of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) with the designation of Accredited Marine Surveyor®, Yachts and Small Craft.





    At Somma Marine Surveying we are committed to providing you with professional, thorough marine surveys, which meet or exceed industry standards, of recreational powerboats and sailboats. We deliver clearly structured detailed reports with photographs to our Clients.


    Whenever you entrust us to perform a survey, appraisal, or inspection, you can be assured that we will go the extra mile to serve you. We are independent and have no allegiance with brokers, manufactures, marinas or yacht sales organizations. Our allegiance is to you, our Client.


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